Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer: Premium Ingredients = Amazing Results

Just like any other plant, grass needs good nutrition for proper growth and to be green and healthy.  Grass requires three macronutrients:  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these nutrients plays an important role in plant health and must be provided if unavailable in sufficient quantities in the soil. Without them your grass cannot grow strong, lush and healthy.

The Big Three: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

  • Nitrogen is the macronutrient that promotes green growth.  It encourages photosynthesis and protein development. Plants with adequate nitrogen typically show healthy vigorous new growth, dark green foliage and increased leaf production.

  • Phosphorus helps grass develop strong root networks to anchor plants and to absorb a wide variety of soil minerals. This nutrient also helps plants grow to their natural, expected size.

  • Potassium is critical for cell division in plants; it helps grass grow strong stalks, in the same way that calcium gives people strong bones.  It also helps create a strong root system and aids in sugar and starch (energy) formation. Grass seems to like carbohydrates as much as people do!


The sources of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fertilizers vary greatly.  Most common fertilizers contain inexpensive, synthetic and chemical ingredients. Synthetic fertilizers are chemically processed to make the nutrients immediately available to plants.  Unfortunately, what is not used washes out of the grass and into the watershed, negatively impacting the health of streams, lakes and oceans.  Many communities have banned the use of chemical, synthetic fertilizers because of the array of problems this causes.

A Better Option

Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer was formulated using all natural and safe ingredients high in nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, plus some additional nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12. Many people are not aware that organic fertilizers feed both your lawn and your soil. This dual benefit promotes beauty and long-term health.

Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer is the gourmet meal your grass craves, not the junk food we often inadvertently give it.

This great meal is formulated with:            

  • Hydrolyzed Fish – This ingredient is cold-processed, so the nitrogen, calcium and enzymes are not destroyed by the heat often used in the processing of fish fertilizers.  Nutritionists encourage us to eat raw vegetables, rather than overcooked vegetables that have had their nutrients boiled out. It is the same concept, just applied to your lawn.

  • Seaweed Extract – A natural source of nitrogen and other nutrients.

  • Hydrolyzed Organic Calcium – Often referred to as the king of nutrients, calcium is used by plants for cell wall development, cell growth and division. Calcium helps plants absorb nitrogen, while also supporting root and leaf growth.  Calcium also aids plants in processing phosphorous and many micronutrients.

  • Humic Acid Soluble – This is the organic acid from humus, which is the organic part of soil that comes from decomposed plant material.  If you have ever walked through the woods and marveled at the incredibly dark, rich soil and thought, “Wow, you could grow anything here!”   That is humus.

  • Food Grade Phosphoric Acids – Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer incorporates premium phosphoric acids, ingredients of the same quality as those the U.S. D.A.  specifies for use in human food.

  • Food Grade Potassium Hydroxide – High quality and safe potassium hydroxide, which is also approved for use in food. This form of potassium aids grass cell division and root growth.

  • Cane Sugar – Sugar is necessary to help fuel plants’ metabolic processes. Like people, grass needs carbohydrates and sugars to make energy.

  • Feed Grade Low Biuret Urea – This is urea nitrogen in its safest form. It aids plants in green tissue growth – strong leaves and stems.  This nitrogen source also helps plants with photosynthesis, the process by which they convert sunlight into energy.

  • Vitamin B 12 – An added nutrient for strong plants.


Hear that? It’s your lawn’s satisfied sighs.

Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer is simply sprayed onto the blades of grass, a process known as foliar feeding.  Nutrients are absorbed through plant pores, called stomata, and moved throughout the plant, from leaf tips to the ends of the longest roots. Because the roots don’t need to find fertilizer that’s been scratched into the soil and has hopefully dissolved, foliar feeding delivers the nutrients to the plant more directly and more quickly.

Best results are enjoyed when Bill’s Perfect Lawn Fertilizer is applied every two months during the growing season.

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