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Fertilizer Fact or Fiction

different fertilizer- african violets 2.

Our customer service representatives get lots of phone calls from customers asking about fertilizers, and for good reason. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Here are a trio of questions that surface again and again, identified as Fact or Fiction.


Fiction – Orchids and African violets are very delicate. For healthiest growth, you must use a special fertilizer for these plants.

Fact – It is not necessary to use a special fertilizer for orchids or African violets. It is, however, easy to over-fertilize these plants. We recommend fertilizing them less frequently (That saves time, too!)


Fiction – Farmers use a different fertilizer for each crop that they grow.

Fact – Farmers do not use a different fertilizer for each crop that they grow, and it is their job to grow profitably. If it were necessary to have a barn filled with crop-specific fertilizers, they would. Thankfully, you do not need a barn full of products either.


Fiction – You cannot use the same fertilizer on both flowers and vegetables.

Fact – You do not need to use a rose fertilizer for roses, a tomato fertilizer for tomatoes and yet another for your houseplants. You can use the same fertilizer for all your plants.

While you do not need a different fertilizer for different plants, you do need to remember that all fertilizers are not created equal. Some contain additional nutrients that are required by plants and some use higher quality ingredients than others. Our all natural, organic fertilizer, Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer will do the job for any plant in any garden.

So, remember the next time you shop for fertilizer – think quality instead of quantity!

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