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How to Repel Destructive Animals Naturally


The very things that make squirrels entertaining – their high energy levels, persistence, and engaging acrobatics – are the same ones that can sometimes become so annoying. This is especially true when squirrel activities include destructive chewing and devouring food intended for hungry songbirds.

Of course, you can trap and kill the furry critters. There are, however, kinder and easier ways to address the situation.

Consider natural and organic squirrel repellents:

Two main groups of natural repellents for squirrels have demonstrated effectiveness and offer excellent options for homeowners concerned for other backyard wildlife and/or pets.

Natural Coatings and Sprays that Taste Bad

Liquid repellents made with tastes squirrels detest – bitter substances, fiery hot peppers and blends of garlic, clove and cedar oils – all work to deter gnawing and eating. Spray these natural squirrel repellents on branches, storage containers, siding and any other items being chewed. To protect birdseed and flower bulbs, coat these with the repellent mixtures. Remarkably, birds can’t taste these substances and merrily savor the treated birdseed.

Predator-Scented Repellents

In the tough natural world, the small mammals that survive are those that exercise caution and avoid unnecessary risk. For these individuals, the smell of a predator is a danger signal. A get-out-of-town warning.  Based on this science, several proven natural and organic squirrel repellents use the scent of coyote, fox and other predators’ urine in quantities sufficient for squirrels to smell but not enough to be detectable by human noses. These deterrents scare off the squirrels without reducing your enjoyment of prized outdoor spaces.

The average squirrel eats the equivalent of its body weight – about a pound and a half – each week. Assuming you have several squirrels frequenting your yard, that’s a lot of birdseed, flower bulbs, tender shoots, leaves, tree bark and other valuable parts of your landscape disappearing every seven days.


Fight back with squirrel repellents that are natural, organic and forceful!

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All-Natural Squirrel Repellent

Shake Away Rodent


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