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My Choice – The Natural Way, by Bill Muskopf


Over the past few years, I’ve become more convinced than ever that our food supply is contaminated by too many hormones, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. A three day, “Sustainable Tree Conference” I attended at UCLA and a “Sustainable Agriculture” conference in Houston really brought this home to me.

How many young people do you know who have cancer and other major health problems?

My granddaughter had a lump on her breast when she was only six years old. Not cancer, thank goodness, but very early breast development. Why? The pediatrician believes it is because of all the hormones in our food supply, especially chicken and milk.

 The conference at UCLA pointed out what most of us already knew- the overuse of agricultural chemicals has drastically depleted our soils of humus, microbes and nutrients. Crops grown in this kind of soil do not have the nutrient value of crops grown in good fertile soil. Hence the added hormones and chemicals to compensate.

We are what we eat.

It’s interesting that a recent university report showed that Spray-N-Grow treated cabbage had 51% more Vitamin C and Spray-N-Grow treated grapefruit had a 79% increase in Vitamin C. I want you to know that every product you buy from Spray-N-Grow will be the safest product possible.


Here are some tips I want to pass along.

  1. Buy organic food products when possible. They cost a little more, but they’re worth it – especially if you have children.

  2. Buy hormone-free milk if possible. In Texas the “Promised Land” brand is available.

  3. Eat whole wheat bread instead of white. Eat brown rice instead of polished rice.

  4. Grow your own organic fruit and vegetables. There are many books available to help you get started.

    1. Two publications we recommend are Acres USA and Organic Gardening magazine. The latter has gone out of print, but you can buy a copy of its top articles over 50 years here

    2. My friend Herman Greene has also written some great blog posts about his experiences with organic gardening. You can read them here

  5. Switch to organic, all natural or non-toxic fertilizers and pesticides for lawn care and other activities.  We offer a complete line of gardening products that are safe for people, plants and pets, and stand behind everything we sell.


We complain about farmers using too many chemicals. I wonder how much overuse can be attributed to gardeners and homeowners. Let’s all be good stewards of the land and do what is right, for today and tomorrow.

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