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Rid Your Garden of Ravenous Rabbits, Naturally

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Isn’t it funny how your yard tends to have no rabbits and then seemingly overnight there are two, three, four or more? Okay, maybe it’s not so funny, as they shave your flowers and vegetables to the ground and nip the foliage off the bottom half of your favorite shrubs.

You can trap them, let your dog have his way (which could result in much more damage to the perennial bed) or persuade them that somewhere else offers a better place to live. Here’s a vote for the latter.

Petrified of Predators

Rabbits are small, and according to some predators, tasty.  These lagomorphs (that’s right, they aren’t rodents, as most people believe) are preyed upon by coyotes, foxes, raccoons, hawks, eagles and owls.  Domestic dogs and cats also take a toll when given the opportunity.  It’s no wonder that rabbits are always worried about being eaten.  Scent-based natural rabbit repellents incorporate the smells of predators, creating products that make an area smell – to rabbits’ noses – like a scary beast’s hunting grounds. These scents prompt a flight reflex, and the rabbits flee.


A Mouthful of Nasty

Rabbits do not have the ability vomit, so whatever goes down, stays down.  Repellent sprays that cover garden foliage with bitter or burning hot pepper coating can be effective deterrents for making both the rabbits’ mouths and stomachs uncomfortable because of their inability to rid their system.  Their takeaway – forage elsewhere at all costs.

Stinky Substances

This option works best in conjunction with an additional deterrent. Rabbits have a keen sense of smell. Scents they don’t like include lavender, garlic, mint, raw eggs, chili peppers and dried blood-none of which are particularly bothersome to humans. However, hungry rabbits can force themselves to eat plants they find odiferous when other options are limited. Therefore, this deterrent tactic is an excellent complement to an option that also tastes bad or scares the rabbit. 


Fast Action = Greater Success

If rabbits are given time to settle comfortably into your yard, they will be less inclined to want to move elsewhere. Get them out before they see your place as their home.  Sooner is better when you are working to rid the yard of rabbits.


Double Up for Quickest Results

Since a speedy response is ideal, use the approach that produces the quickest results. Combine two forms of repellent: a sprinkled-on granular with a foliage spray. This combination sends a clear and forceful message that produces excellent results.

There are a dozen species of rabbits in the U.S.  Whichever bad bunnies are devouring your garden, encourage them to see that greener pastures exist somewhere else.  Take advantage of the effective natural and organic repellents available to do the job like Shake Away. You can enjoy a safe yard for your family and pets while ensuring that your plants are safe from munching, too.

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