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Use Fertilizer and Spray-N-Grow Together


Many gardeners who use Spray-N-Grow for the first time think it is a fertilizer.

Spray-N-Grow is not a fertilizer.

Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex. 


This might be an unfamiliar term, yet it simply means that Spray-N-Grow contains the minor elements, or micronutrients, required by plants to grow and thrive. Think of Spray-N-Grow as “vitamins for your plants”. Now here is how a micronutrient complex differs from a fertilizer. 


Fertilizers provide essential macronutrients- nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. (You probably already knew this). Spray-N-Grow is made up of 17 micronutrients, including magnesium, sulphur, boron, copper, chlorine, and iron, among others.

Therefore, feeding your plants Spray-N-Grow and not feeding them a fertilizer is like taking a multivitamin to improve your health but not eating meals.  A significant part of the equation is missing. 

Three things must be present for Spray-N-Grow to work – sufficient sunlight, proper moisture, and fertilizer.

You can use any fertilizer you wish with Spray-N-Grow. However, if you want maximum nutritional value, we recommend Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer, our all-natural fertilizer specially formulated to be used with Spray-N-Grow. Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is the only fertilizer that can be mixed with Spray-N-Grow to provide your plants with complete nutrition in a single spray.


In conclusion, fertilizer + vitamins = super healthy plants. 

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