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Why Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is Perfect for All Your Plants

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Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is an all-natural, fish-based fertilizer, formulated by Spray-N-Grow founder Bill Muskopf and horticulturalist Jack Little for use with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients. Bill and Jack formulated Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer so that home gardeners would have the advantage of a single, well-balanced fertilizer for everything in the garden, the yard, the greenhouse, or inside the home.


You have probably seen the term “NPK” on fertilizer packages. In simple terms, this is the purpose each nutrient serves and why it is important:

  • N – Nitrogen is for the green growth; leaves, stems and blades (grass)

  • P – Phosphorous supports the bud and root development

  • K – Potassium helps with cell division and aids the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates


Many fertilizer manufacturers tend to overdo nitrogen -to deliver FAST visible results at the expense of overall health- and shortchange the “PK” in “NPK”. Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer has 6 percent nitrogen, which is plenty for large green leaves, stem growth and chlorophyll production. It also has a higher percentage of phosphorous than other fertilizers for better development of buds which grow into fruit, vegetables, flowers and leaves. It beefs up root structure, important for the health of any plant. Potassium is the other forgotten macronutrient that Bill and Jack thought should be higher, as it supports strong cells, the building blocks of all plants.

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer was designed specifically for blooming plants. This includes all fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Bud development needs phosphorous in larger amounts than many fertilizers provide. Fruit and vegetables also need other vitamins and minerals not available in most formulas.


Of course, Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer was formulated to be mixed with Spray-N-Grow. With just these two products and your favorite spray bottle, you are ready to provide your plants with complete nutrition in a single spray. Science and thousands of home gardeners have proven this to be true.

Want to extend the economy of this dynamic duo? Add Coco-Wet to the spray bottle. This helps reduce run-off so more of the blend sticks to – and is absorbed by – plant leaves.  


You’ve asked, we’ve heard. The Perfect Blend Kit includes all three products- Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer, Spray-N-Grow, and Coco-Wet- in various sizes, one to fit every garden.

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